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Wonderful Asian Massage With Shower

Massage Super SPA

Choose from the wide range of massage services that can soothe your aching body and relax your nerves. Call 858-209-8489 and enjoy a wonderful Asian massage with shower treatment in San Diego CA.

Excellent Body Massage Body Tissue Work

Combinational Massage Treatment

  • 30min body massage

  • 60min body massage

  • 90min body massage

  • 45min body massage

  • 60min foot massage

  • Hot stone ,shower ,sea salt (dead skin) and essential oils charged for each plus $10
  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Saturday:
    9am – 11pm
    9am – 11pm

    Best Asian Massage In San Diego CA With Shower

    Thai Style Massage

    The Asian bodywork has the power to clear energy blocks by stimulating the acupressure points through a mix of yoga postures and deep pressure techniques. By correcting the imbalances, the Thai style massage can promote the self healing ability in your body. The blood flow is circulated to improve chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. This method is great for relaxation and restoration of energy balance as it focuses on areas of muscle tightness. Our qualified trainers can help you melt away the stress by inducing massage onto the acupressure points. As a result you can relax your mind and body as well as soothe the pains and aches encountered in your body. Enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing by booking our massage treatments. We can help you get relief from headaches, depression and stress, insomnia, caused by busy work schedules. Contact us – we deliver Thai style massage sessions for 60 and 90 minutes. These charges only $45 and $65 respectively.

    Foot Reflexology

    According to the reflexology hypothesis, there are certain pressure points on our feet when related to all other parts of our bodies. Basically, these focuses are the reflections of the body life system. Foot massage methodology comprises of applying weight to these reflex points by extraordinary hand and finger procedures. The incitement of reflex focuses on your feet gives alleviation from stretch, diminishes torment and causes certain physiological changes in the body that disposes tiredness and mental stress. Our therapists deliver effective foot reflexology treatments that are found to be successful in decreasing pressure, fatigue and anxiety. This session initially concentrates on head, shoulder, arms, feet, and hands for about 20 minutes. The charges range from $20 to $45. It is then followed by a 30 minute foot reflexology and then our therapist applies gentle strokes along the back portion of your body for about 10 minutes.